Become a CEO

Become a CEO

Buying a Business in NJ

For every seller of a business there has to be a buyer to complete a “win/win” transfer of ownership.

Our role is to find qualified buyers for businesses we list for sale. In addition we work with other business brokers who also have buyers actively looking to purchase a business.

We offer buyer clients choices, depending upon their experience, interests, location preference and budget.

Our services include:

  • Exposing our clients to a number of businesses in the market best suited for them
  • Valuation analysis of the business they are considering
  • Helping to secure financing for the business
  • Referring accounting and legal professionals when appropriate
  • Guiding them through the entire process to ensure their new business will be successful

Buying an established business

Most buyers want to buy established and profitable business. Typically these businesses are sole proprietorship , patnerships or family owned businesses.

Our broker will be very involved in the entire process to ensure the books and records are available and accurate.

Defining the “cash flow” of the business for sale will give our client comfort that they can achieve and exceed that cash flow under their ownership.

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